Interior Window Shutters

Control the warmth, light and privacy in your home with our beautiful range of handcrafted, made to measure interior window shutters.

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Sound & Thermal Insulation

Window shutters minimise heat loss, helping to reduce your heating bills. They also keep your home cool in summer and even reduce noise from outside for extra soundproofing.

Improve Your Privacy & Security

If you have privacy issues then interior window shutters are a great way to create your own private space without sacrificing daylight. They also keep out prying eyes when you go out

Flexible Light Control & UV Protection

Installing window shutters in your home lets you control the amount of light entering the room. Interior shutters also provide effective UV protection for you and your furniture. 

Simple to Maintain

Window shutters require very little maintenance. Once we have installed them, you can sit back and enjoy your warmer, quieter and more private home.

Our interior window shutters are made individually to your requirements. We use the highest quality shutters with super-smooth fixings that glide open and shut. Choose from traditional or contemporary shutters designed to blend seamlessly with your living space.

Types of Interior Window Shutter

Tier On Tier Shutters

Tier on Tier shutters consist of 2 wooden panels one on top of each other. The panels operate independently, giving you excellent control over light and privacy. Great for bedrooms, bathrooms and dining rooms. 

Café Style Shutters

Café Style interior window shutters only cover part of the window – for example the lower part for improved privacy. They are cheaper than full window shutters and let in more light. Perfect for urban areas. 

Full Height Window Shutters

A popular option, Full Height window shutters cover the entire window. We can provide shutters with a dividing rail part-way down so that you can independently control the light above and below. 

Tracked Window Shutters

Tracked window shutters are installed on a track and concertina open. This makes the most of your view while they are open and is ideal for patio doors. 

Solid Shutters

Solid Shutters are solid wood panels that cover your window entirely. They provide excellent insulation and are good for bedrooms or draughty properties. 

Shaped Window Shutters

We can also provide bespoke individually shaped shutters to fit unusual windows – for example arched, bay, hexagonal or circular window shutters.

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Happy customers

Client testimonials

Natasha, Maida Vale


"I used Envirosash to make 6 new sashes as well as an entirely new sash window. The windows are of the highest quality, beautifully made and draught-proofed. They keep the flat much warmer and we've already noticed how much quieter it is. Alex was competitive on price even taking into account the quality materials that he uses. I wouldn't hestitate to recommend Envirosash on the basis of their craftsmanship, reliability and general ease with which they performed the job."

Mervyn, Crouch End


"Alex was a pleasure to deal with and the job was done on time and as expected. His workforce did a high quality job and were always polite, helpful and attentive. They also made sure to clean up at the end of each day. We had most of the windows in the house replaced and it has made a real difference. Happy to recommend."

Sarah, Gravesend


"Had some replacement slim double glazed sashes fitted recently. Good craftsmanship and thorough job. Cleaned up every evening. Good to have a quote from someone who actually understands the work to be done, rather than from someone who is just a salesman. Would definitely recommend."

The Timber Window Specialist